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Organize patient shifts
Manage your offices


Discover DentAdmin, the administration system designed especially for dentists and dental clinics. With our platform, you can efficiently manage all aspects of your dental practice, from appointment scheduling and shift management to recording and tracking your patients' dental health records, as if it were a CRM. Increase productivity and optimize your professionals' time, providing the quality service your patients deserve.

Patient CRM

Strengthen the relationship with your patients and provide personalized service.

Efficient Scheduling and Appointments

Optimize patient care time and allow your patients to request appointments online.

Digital Health Records

Access health records securely and in real-time from any device.


Basic 5U$D
  • Patient limit: up to 5 patients
  • Medical records: basic
  • Appointments: basic
  • email support only
Medium 10U$D
  • Patient limit: up to 10 patients
  • Medical records: full
  • Appointments: advanced
  • Support: email and live chat support
Full 15U$D
  • Patient limit: up to 15 patients
  • Medical records: full with customization
  • Appointments: advanced with custom notifications
  • Support: email, live chat, and prioritized phone support
Full+ 20U$D
  • Patient limit: up to 20 patients
  • Medical records: full with advanced customization and custom fields
  • Appointments: advanced with custom notifications and online appointment management
  • Support: email, live chat, prioritized phone support, and dedicated account manager support


Blacktooth is the ultimate solution for dental clinic management. Our platform offers all the necessary tools to maintain control over your operations, optimize your professionals' time, and provide exceptional service to your patients. Don't wait any longer, start transforming your dental practice with DentAdmin today. Contact us for more information and request a free demonstration!

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